Non-EU tourism increased by 13%

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Freeport Fashion Outlet, set in 2015 a new record in sales, a 6,2% growth compared to 2014, the year of its 10th anniversary.

The turnover in 2015 rose 6.2% compared to the same period in 2014, a performance reflecting the attraction of national and international visitors, the rise in the average spend per visitor and the reinforcement of the national and international brand offer, which included the opening of the Trussardi, Ecco, (Eureka) and Boutique dos Relógios stores.

This record performance is extremely positive compared to the Portuguese non-food retail market performance, which, according to INE (National Statistics Institute) data, had a weak 1.1% rise in the period ranging from January to November.

In 2015 the visitors of Freeport Fashion Outlet also rose by 1.6% composed by national and international customers.

In 2015 Freeport Fashion Outlet’s strategic investment in shopping tourism continued to pay off, resulting in a 13% increase in the from visitors outside the EU. The average purchase value by these clients also rose by 4% according to the Tax refund operators data.

The most relevant non-EU countries to Freeport Fashion Outlet’s operation in 2015 were Angola, Brasil and China, with the Chinese visitors growing a whopping 77% in sales according to the previous year.

According to Nuno Oliveira, the centre director, “this new record, following the record with which we celebrated our 10th anniversary demonstrates the Freeoprt Fashion Outlet is set in a sustainable growth path, opened up by the successful strategic options we made in the previous years.”

“This is the first year of Freeport Fashion Outlet’s second decade of operation and these results are the foundation of our optimism for the coming years”.

Last year was Freeport Fashion Outlet saw the arrival of the Trussardi, Ecco (Eureka) and Boutique dos Relógios brands and for the first quarter of 2016 both Coach and El Ganso brands are already confirmed to open in the centre.