What is VIA Outlets?

VIA Outlets is created in 2014 to acquire existing outlet centres across Europe and enhance their performance so as to provide strong investment returns for its stakeholders.

These returns will be achieved through creating shopping environments which will attract high quality domestic and international brands and their discerning customers.

VIA Outlets has been structured to enable it to react quickly to acquisition opportunities that may arise in the market.

The fund presently consists of eleven assets spread across Europe. Click here for more information on the individual centres.

The Partners

VIA Outlets was founded in 2014. It is owned by Dutch pension fund asset manager APG.

APG is a financial services provider in the pension sector in the areas of executive consultancy, asset management, pension administration and communication services for pension funds. APG manages more than €512 billion in pension assets for the various pension funds.
Click here for more information.

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At VIA Outlets, we recognise that our stakeholders are fundamental to our business, and therefore treating them well is key to our continued success. We want to understand the expectations, needs and concerns of everyone who is directly or indirectly involved in what we do. This means regularly engaging with our key stakeholders, including customers, local communities, investors, employees, suppliers and Government, to better understand and ultimately compliment the wider social, economic and environmental networks that we are a part of.

To this end, we have developed a policy that demonstrates our commitment, transparency and accountability to all of our stakeholders. At VIA Outlets, we are proud of our brand and the values we represent. As a result, we seek to practice and promote our values through effective policies based on positive engagement and open communication.